Wealth creation and sustenance

We leverage on the ever reliable power of agriculture to create lucrative employment and viable investment for people all over the world.

Green Energy.

Say goodbye to emmissions as we strive to ensure that everyone embraces green energy at affordable costs. It has zero emmissions and is highly eco-friendly

Investment Solutions!

Agriculture has always been a reliable source of livelyhood and presently, it is one of the most viable projects you could ever think of. Invest and watch your returns grow in real time!

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Investment Solution

We provide you with a means to invest in a solid and reliable project that guarantees lucarative returns in record time.

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Green Energy

We have created a system of green energy generation that is not only effective and affordable, it also preserves the planet.

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We engage in the best forms of agricultural practices such as Food production, poultry, animal husbandry etc.

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Available Plans

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Min. Deposit: $2,000

Variable Daily ROI Between 0.5% - 2% Daily

Gestation Period Of 30 Days

Harvest/Re-Deposit Option Is Enabled After 30 Days

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Min. Deposit: $15,000

Variable Daily ROI Between 1.5% - 2.5% Daily

Gestation Period Of 45 Days

Harvest/Re-Deposit Option Is Enabled After 45 Days

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Min. Deposit: $45,000

Variable Daily ROI Between 2% - 3.5% Daily

Gestation Period Of 60 Days

Harvest/Re-Deposit Option Is Enabled After 60 Days

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Min. Deposit: $100,000

Variable Daily ROI Between 3% - 4% Daily

Gestation Period Of 90 Days

Harvest/Re-Deposit Option Is Enabled After 90 Days

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Who We Are

About Us

AgroCura Ltd is a company that specializes in agro-technology and green energy generation. We have a large number of farms and ranches in 3 continents and we are currently providing green energy for more than 12 million families and quite a number of corporations too.

Our goal is to eradicate hunger globally while creating wealth and preserving the ecosystem.

AgroCura is duly registered and fully licensed under the New Zealand companies’ office act with the number: 7692896.

With more than 20 years farming experience, our amiable director has eventually achieved a grand setup that will enable him actualize his age-long dream of eradicating global hunger and poverty.

As an innovative individual who is highly technologically inclined, Hanya thought it wise to integrate the already popular and highly effective blockchain technology to his own setup to enable anybody in any part of the world to earn from this groundbreaking project.

"I am happy to have built a system that has changed and is still changing the lives of millions of people all around the globe!"
- Hanyu Hu, CEO • AgroCura
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Hanyu Hu, CEO • AgroCura

Crypto Oriented

We are pro-crypto!

Obtaining returns

is one of our top priorities

The technology developed by our dynamic system allows you to monitor in real time, your money flow, profits and returns. It enables clients to study the different investment channels and profit accumulation systems through the use of advanced algorithms. After years of research, we have optimized the system to obtain maximum returns while eradicating hunger on a global scale.

Real Time Tracking

Advanced technology and great UI

Real time tracking of investment progress
Clients are in total control of their funds
Clients can withdraw funds whenever they want
For every dollar you invest, you are feeding someone, somewhere in the world
You can be charitable and still get returns!

Yes, we exist.

We are real & legit!

AgroCura is duly registered and fully licenced under the New Zealand companies office act. You can easily click on any of these links to verify our registration details.

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24/7 Expert Support

Our expert team is always on hand to help answer your questions, get you started, and grow your financial portfolio. You can call, chat or email us any time!